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U-shaped pillow

U-shaped pillow
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The plush pillow can also be used as a car interior to adjust the contact point between the body and the seat to get a more comfortable angle to reduce fatigue. In addition, it can also play a role in protecting the human body. By contrasting the color of the pillows and the material with the surrounding environment, it can make the interior display art better and more colorful. The appearance of the cartoon fully plays the role of decorating the car.

The effects of U-shape support pillow:

1. An unique ergonomically designed neck pillow can effectively prevent cervical vertebrae strain and has a good supporting effect and well protect the cervical vertebra.
2. the use of the unique space memory cotton material, a good slow rebound characteristics and warm memory characteristics, can sense the temperature of the human body and accordingly adjust the density of the pillow, make sure that the outline of the pillow fit the cervical spine well.
3. For people who take  a long - distance travel, it can greatly alleviate the fatigue of the cervical spine on the way, help us get a high quality rest on the journey, avoid the pain of the neck caused by long travel.
4. For long-distance driver's, it can make the drivers head to adjust the curvature of 15-20 degrees, avoid the compression of the vein of the cervical vertebra, relieve the fatigue, and greatly improve the safety of  driving.
5. It is suitable for daily office leisure, whether you use a computer for a long time, or watch TV at home, or lunch break, it can effectively prevent the cervical spine strain.
6. For sedentary office workers, it can be used as a posterior cushion, which plays a good supporting role for the spine.
7. When office lunch break, it can be used as a nap pillow, In the case of sleep, it can avoid the arms from general anesthesia caused by incorrect posture, effectively relief the human body pressure, promote blood circulation. With it you can have a short but comfortable lunch break.

It's not an ordinary u-shaped pillow. It’s also a hat! It’s not only a pillow that could help soothing your neck but a cute hat that could mask your eyes preventing from the disturb of harsh light outside. When you have a nap in the office or wait for a delayed airplane, it’s a wonderful tool to make you feel better. It’s made of super soft short plush (a kind of velboa also called crystal super soft plush), have very soft hand feeling. After a whole day’s hard work, have a cup of coffee and wear this u-shaped pillow will soothe your exhausted soul immediately.Place your order now. Sample is available as long as you ask via an e-mail to us.

Delivery Information of U Neck Pillow

Min.Order Quantity:
1000 Pieces
Date of delivery:
40 days since deposit
Payment Terms:
L/C,T/T (30% deposit, balanced against B/L )
Product No: 1712019

Quick Details of U-shaped pillow


U-shaped pillows


Office, sofa, car




Short plush


PP cotton(100% polyester)

CE norms:




Place of Origin:

Jiangsu China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:



Beige, pink



packing size:






Sample of U-shaped pillow
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