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Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal
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Precisely speaking, stuffed bear toys that we usually see are not real teddy bears. Just like cars can have different shapes, specifications, and brands, plush bears have variety of brands, styles, appearances and even designers. There is no way to represent all the bears with teddy bears. However, because the teddy bear is too widely used, the plush toy bear is often called teddy bear.

The teddy bear was originally an independent and proper noun. The most correct statement was that only before the first World War, when the old president Roosevelt was in office, the bear made from 1903 to 1912 could be called the teddy bear.

The teddy bear born in 1903 is derived from President Roosevelt's love for raging and the prevailing popularity, which can be described as an old ancestor of a plush bear. It has a round body and limbs, made of fluffy Angola wool, simple materials and embroidered lines, simple expression, and one hundred percent manual sewing and packing. Whether it is from the US or Europe, those spirits that have been left behind in the past are still there today.

But this real teddy bear, even the so-called antique bear, is not as much opportunity to be spot as it used to be. Only in books, museums, or collectors' homes, we have a glimpse of their true face. However, the teddy bear, which no longer returns, has been reborn again, with the revival of the old fashioned and historical memories, and the idea of auction and collector's preservation.

Wholesale teddy bears with clothes classic sweater puppies dolls

We offer wholesale teddy bears. These are classic teddy bears series. You may find them in those films that there always a cute teddy bear in the girls arms. That’s the style you saw here. They have clothes which could be put off and on whenever you want. This style almost is the most popular one among all the plush animals. Any materials here used are environmental friendly and pollution free. CE norms are guaranteed. Samples could be provided, but a small amount of freight will be charged.

Teddy bear stuffed animal is a stuffed teddy bear for children to play. It is a stuffed toy with a long history, which is often used to comfort the children's sad feelings. In recent years, some teddy bears have become expensive collectibles.

Teddy bears are named after US President Theodore Roosevelt, because Roosevelt's nickname is Teddy, and he likes hunting very much. It is said that the name of the teddy bear originated from Roosevelt's hunting bear in Mississippi in 1902. At that time aides found and caught a small Louisiana black bear, and Roosevelt refused to kill the bear and described it as "unsportsmanlike", and a political cartoonist quickly published the story of Teddy's Bear. The first cartoon appeared on the second day, November 6th. Clifford K. Berryman, a cartoon editor of the Washington Post, recorded this in the form of a front page comic book, Clifford K. Berryman. Berryman painted a bear sitting on the ground, Roosevelt holding a gun, with his back to the bear, and refused to kill his prey. Below the picture is "Drawing the Line in Mississippi", linking hunting anecdotes with political arguments.

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Min.Order Quantity:
1000 Pieces
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40 days since deposit
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L/C,T/T (30% deposit, balanced against B/L )

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Wholesale teddy bears


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Short plush


PP cotton(100% polyester)

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Jiangsu China (Mainland)

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