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Plush Stuffed Animals

Stuffy plush toy is a kind of toys that are made of varies of materials, and stuffed mostly  with PP cotton. usually the materials include velvet, plush, T/C cloth, etc.

Plush stuffed animals are characterized by softness, cute, flexibility, decorative, and the wide range of occasions it applies. Bulk stuffed toys are good choices for children's toys, house decorations and birthday gifts.

Purchase of animal plush toys

1, First of all, it is important to clarify which age group of people are they who need the toys, and then buy different toys according to different age groups. Main aspects you should take in consideration are safety and practicality.

2, Whether the appearance of materials is exquisite and hygienic or not is an important factor in determining the price of a toy. Some sellers are shoddy and cheat consumers.

3. Take a look at the stuffing of the animal plush toys. This is another important factor affecting toy prices. Good filling cotton is all cotton, like the material of nine holes pillows in the supermarket. It feels very uniform. Poor filling cotton is black heart cotton with poor hand feeling and dirty.

4, Make sure that the fixed parts are strong (standard requirements for 90N force), and there are no very sharp edges. Make sure that the removable parts of the toys are large enough to prevent children from swallowing by accident. Make sure the fur of the counterpart of the left and right are toward the same direction. Otherwise, there will be different color appearance under the sunlight. It will seriously affect the appearance of the toys.

5, Observe whether the appearance of the shape is beautiful, the right and the left outline are symmetrical, the hand feeling is soft and fluffy, each part is sutured firmly, toy accessories are not scratched, incomplete.

6, Check whether there are trademarks, brands, safety signs, manufacturer's communication address, and so on, whether the binding is firm.

7, Check the inside and outside of the package. Check if the sign is consistent, the moisture resistance is good, the inner packing is plastic bag, and if the size of the bag is over a certain range there must be air holes to prevent the child's from suffocating by accident.

Plush stuffed animals toys are now must-have for every child. All kinds of plush stuffed animals toys are so adorable that they could be very good friends of the child. Our factory is engaged in making all kinds of plush stuffed animals toys such as bears, dogs, pandas etc. The majority of our products are made for export. Every month dozens of containers are loaded in our factory heading for different countries all over the world. Our main markets include North America, West Europe, Asian Pacific Area and so on. We have established firm relationships with a lot of well-known toys dealers from different countries such as Walmart, Carrefour, TESCO, etc. We also attend the Canton Fairs every year, there we have a good opportunity to get a lot of new friends. We are very grateful to everyone who had been supporting us all the time and looking forward to hearing from you.