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Plush Pillows & Cushions

Cartoon Pillows are specially designed to imitate varies most popular animals. That not only could be a pillow but also a cushion. Besides, most important, it looks like a stuffed plush toy. It's really versatile. Thanks to the specially processed materials, it can keep away most of the harmful bacteria, fungi and mites. The pillows can protect your kids naturally as they are hugged in their arms without even been noticed. That's really a must have in the growing period of every child.
U neck pillow, as the name suggests, is a pillow shaped like an English letter U. It can automatically shape the comfortable effect according to the needs of the human body, effectively dissolve the pressure of the human body to zero pressure, counteract the counterforce, thoroughly relax the external pressure of the neck and shoulder, so as to avoid the fatigue of the neck and shoulder. The U type cervical vertebra pillow can effectively promote blood circulation, and it can get rid of fatigue and pain in the cervical vertebrae and shoulders.

The kids who love to play with a cartoon pillow often are emotional, gentle, courteous and warm-hearted. They often badly need a friend to accompany with especially in a situation that the mood is under the weather. The animal cartoon pillows could be the best choice whenever it happens. They can gently hold the pillows, by this way it can soothe the emotions and release the anxiety quickly and effectively. They also could act as a patient audience when the kids tell their own secret stories. 

We can make all kinds of plush pillows and cushions which is often used on cars, sofa, couch, bed etc. The materials are super soft with a very smooth feeling. The stuffing were specially processed to make it very soft. The patterns on the pillows are embroidered to make it vivid and attractive. The colors are very shining. This series of plush pillows and cushions are very suitable as a gift to your best friends. They must be very happy to receive such a wonderful present. 

U-shape neck pillow is a new product of strong cervical vertebra health pillow. Use the U pillow around the neck, attached to the shoulder, so that when you lean on the seat, the head has a strong support, soft and comfortable, there will no longer be the risk of cervical strain, and the head will not swing around when sleeping, as comfortable as sleeping on the bed. The material is a slow rebound material with heat sense. It provides the most average, soft and true support of the head and neck. It can provide the natural stretch of the head and neck of the human body, promote the circulation of the blood, avoid the pain of the neck and shoulder caused by the nap. It’s really versatile and makes you feel healthy and comfortable, convenient and practical, obviously prevent and cure for the cervical disease. It can also be used for reading or watching TV and lunch break in office classrooms, so it is also called TV pillow and nap (rest) pillow.

Type U plush comfort pillow features:

  • convenient and practical
  • volume is small and easy to carry
  • unique ergonomics principle design
  • elegant and dismantling cleaning
  • the use of warm memory cotton material
  • is suitable for all office hours and effectively prevents cervical spine strain.
  • is suitable for long distance driving to prevent cervical spine fatigue caused by long term driving.
  • can be used for office lunch or pillows
  • for travel, it can relieve cervical discomfort caused by long journey.
  • the use of U type pillow can effectively prevent spinal strain