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Plush Animal Hats

Plush Animal Hats
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The plush animal hats are made to mimic all kinds of different cute animals live in the nature world. The animal hats make the one who wear it so adorable and attractive. At the same time the hats could keep them warm in the freezing environment, prevent them from frostbite. And that make them very distinctive in crowds. 

The plush animal hats are very versatile. They could be used in many different occasions such as graduation ceremony, birthday party, awarding ceremony, wedding ceremony, etc. Because of that they could also be called property hats, party hats, animal hats or cartoon headbands.

The materials of the hats are knitted cloth or plush. All the materials are safe and environmental friendly. There is no toxic elements such as lead, mercury. 

Our hats products are all made of fine plush which has splendid colors and no bad smells. Our hats are designed to fit human’s head very well without any bumps so that the wearer would feel very comfortable with it.

Here are some benefits of wearing plush animal hats

1. Keep the head warm.
Our head is vital to our whole body when it comes to the warm keeping. If the head was invaded by cold air or water, the vessels could be extremely contracted and lead to a severe headache and dizziness. Therefore, our head needs to be protected from cold as well as other parts of our body.

2. Keep our hair away from dusts and pollution
As we all know, the air in winter is often dry. The wind will rise up a lot of dusts into the air. Once these dusts attached to your hair, they could make the hair ideal place for bacteria and virus. Wearing a fashionable animal hat could prevent your hair from all these bacteria and virus very well.

3.Prevent your hair from UV ray
The UV ray will do harm to your hair and head skin. Especially in the cold winter, due to the clean air, the UV ray from the sun could be in the highest level during the whole year. Wearing an animal hat could be a perfect measure to prevent the harmful UV ray.

This style have two patterns: Husky and Corgi, both are the most popular dog breeds with clever and friendly reputation. Wear a dog hats makes you always the focus wherever you go. Or give it to someone you loved as a birthday gift, this hat will be a wonderful choice. It’s made of super soft short plush (faked rabbit fur plush), have very soft hand feeling. Sample is available as long as you ask via an e-mail to us.

Delivery Information of Plush Animal Hats

Min.Order Quantity:
1000 Pieces
Date of delivery:
40 days since deposit
Payment Terms:
L/C,T/T (30% deposit, balanced against B/L )
Product No: 1712024

Quick Details of Plush Animal Hats


Husky dog animal hats


All age,unisex




Short plush


PP cotton(100% polyester)

CE norms:



Free size

Place of Origin:

Jiangsu China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:



Grey Husky, Brown Corgi



packing size:






Sample of Plush Animal Hats
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