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Dinosaur Stuffed Animal

Dinosaur Stuffed Animal
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Dinosaur plush toys are the toys designed as the dinosaurs. Generally they can be classified by its styles as cartoon and lifelike. Or they can also be classified by its species. The kids may learn to tell the species names by playing with the toys. They can learn what a tyrannosaurus rex looks like or how long the neck of a Tanystropheus is. Letting kids keep touch with the dinosaur plush toys is a good way to protect the ability for imagination and exploration. By knowing more acknowledge about the dinosaur, it could cultivate the eagerness of learning new thing further more about the dinosaurs.

Life-like dinosaurs models could make it possible for children to observe the dinosaurs from a 3D perspective. They can actually “touch” the dinosaur which has been extinct billions years ago. That could let the kids feel the truth that the dinosaurs have been there at one time on our earth.

Because all the dinosaurs have been extinct, and thanks to the box-office hits’ propaganda and exaggeration, the dinosaurs became more and more mysterious. All the kids are intensely curious about them. Anything about the dinosaurs will intrigue strong interest in them. The interest is always the best teacher. If your kids are interested in dinosaurs, present them with some dinosaur plush toys. That could make them feel that they are well concerned and needed. This could be very helpful to establish the self-confidence in your kids.

Jurassic personalized stuffed dinosaur tyrannosaurus rex stegosaurus triceratops

It's a series plush toys of Jurassic theme. This Jurassic dinosaurs plush toys series include  tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, triceratops styles, etc. The materials they used are specially processed so that the patterns on their skins are very much lifelike. A little gadget of sound squeezer could be added into their mouths so that they can make roaring sounds by squeezing their mouths. It's optional, default is without it. We have the ability to make your designs into reality. So if you have any good idea of new style design, please send to us. All the products are detected for metal strictly so they are absolutely needle free.

Delivery Information of Cute Plush Dinosaur

Min.Order Quantity:
500 Pieces
Date of delivery:
40 days since deposit
Payment Terms:
L/C,T/T (30% deposit, balanced against B/L )

Quick Details of Dinosaur Stuffed Animal


Dinasaurs plush toys

Used for:

Promotion gifts, crane machine


pp cotton




PP cotton(100% polyester)

CE norms:



58cm(23″) 78cm(30″)


Place of Origin:

Jiangsu China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:



green, blue, brown





packing size:






Sample of Dinosaur Stuffed Animal
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