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Custom Your Plush Stuffed Toys

  • Receive Customer Inquiry 01
    Receive Customer Inquiry
    Customers search our factory website www.yzjoytoys.com, via inquiry email or direct online communication, and then send needed sample pictures or toy sketches to our mailbox Richard@yzjoytoys.com. We will reply very quickly.
  • Requirements Assessment 02
    Requirements Assessment
    We can preliminarily calculate the price range according to the pictures for customers' reference, but the customers must inform the details of the product size, intended purchase quantity, packaging requirements, the fabric used and some other special requirements.
  • Make a Sample 03
    Make a Sample
    Both parties agree on sample requirements, sample time and postage, which usually include computer embroidered plate making, printing plate making, special accessories mould, etc. It is also agreed that the fee will be refundable after the order is issued.
  • Validation of the Template 04
    Validation of the Template
    Samples are taken to customers after completion, so that customers have a general understanding of the obvious errors or areas that do not meet the requirements can be modified at that time. If we are basically satisfied, we will send the samples to our customers for confirmation. After receiving the real sample, the customer labels the unsatisfactory places and informs the factory by mail or by sending back the sample. The factory will reprocesses until 100% confirmation.
  • Quotation 05
    Make an official offer for confirmed samples. This price is based on the materials, packing methods, process requirements, etc. determined by both parties and must be 100% clear.
  • Signing a Contract 06
    Signing a Contract
    The two parties conclude a formal contract specifying the buyer, seller, date, name, specifications, photographs, quantity, unit price, amount, delivery time, packaging, transportation, payment, rights and obligations, especially the disputes clause, appointing the arbitrator and the way of handling the disputes. The contract will become effective after the effective seal and signature are signed. The buyer pays the deposit according to the contract stipulations.
  • Make a Knife Die 07
    Make a Knife Die
    The factory began to arrange production in accordance with the terms of the contract. First of all, according to the plate form to make the cutting die, laser plate. This process takes 1 to 2 days.
  • Procurement of Plush 08
    Procurement of Plush
    The factory calculates the required meters based on sample size and material consumption and orders fabrics from fabric suppliers. This process takes 10 to 15 days because the color of the general fabric needs to be ordered and dyed.
  • Cut 09
    Factory check the fabric acceptance after receiving, acceptance of the fabric color, weight, wool height, style and meters. Use punching, laser, electric shear, ironing, hand scissors and other ways to cut the whole fabric.
  • Embroidery 10
    Embroidering processes for embroidered products.
  • Printing 11
    Printing process for printed products.
  • Sewing 12
    The tailored pieces are sewed. The process is generally pipelined, which is convenient for quality control and cost control.
  • Turn Inside Out 13
    Turn Inside Out
    Turn over the sewn outer skin of the toy by leaving a fissure in the back or back of the toy, turning the plush face out.
  • Stuffing 14
    Fill in the toy skin with a cotton filling machine. Generally used polypropylene cotton, also can be foam particles, sponge and other materials.
  • Needle Work 15
    Needle Work
    Stitch up the last gap by hand. This process cannot be replaced by a machine at present.
  • Inspection 16
    Inspection of finished products, mainly for toy size, shape, filling fullness, cracks, fouling one by one. Our factory has strict requirements for inspection, real-name management, and joint accountability for unqualified products.
  • Package 17
    All products should be tested before packaging to avoid needle breakage or dangerous metal fragments mixed into toys. Then packing according to customer requirements.
  • Shipment 18
    The buyer may send a representative to the factory for acceptance at this time. After the acceptance is qualified, the packaged products will be sent to the shipping warehouse before the specified deadline. At the same time, the corresponding declaration process is also carried out.
  • Feedback 19
    A copy of the bill of lading is sent to the customer, waiting for the buyer to pay the payment. After the payment is settled, we send the documents such as the bill of lading to the consignee appointed by the customer directly. After receiving the goods, customers can put forward suggestions or opinions so that we can improve the service level and improve it in the future production process.
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