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Why Is the Teddy Bear Called Teddy Bear?2

In 1909, Taft took off to Atlanta, Georgia, where the local Chamber of Commerce hosted him with the traditional 'possum and 'taters. The dish is basically to put the possum on the sweet potato and then put it on the table. Suddenly, the orchestra sounded and the guests began to sing, and then they presented another gift: a possum doll.

This toy was completely original to the locals. Later, the team of Taft took the toy "Billy Possum" to try to replace the teddy bear. "LA Times" also reported that Billy Possum has replaced the status of teddy bear stuffed animal. In the next four or even eight years, American children would hold Billy possums.

At the time, Billy Possum did set off a wave and toy stores from New York to San Francisco are all on sale. But you probably know the ending of Billy Possum, because people in our time have never heard of this toy! In fact, in just a few months, Billy possum was completely forgotten by consumers, and the craze did not even last until the Christmas of the year!

Later generations have several explanations for why plush teddy has always been popular, but Billy possum has survived for a year. One of the arguments is simple, that is, Billy possum is too ugly. Others think that this is related to the story of the origin of the two toys. After all, the story of the origin of the teddy bear shows the compassionate spirit of President Roosevelt, and the Taft is just sitting there and eating the possum.

What more people don't know is that the story of President Roosevelt and the little mother bear did not seem so warm on the surface. Old Roosevelt is a hunter after all. He is not an animal conservation expert. Although he refuses to shoot the mother bear, his compassion is very narrow. After he put down the gun, he immediately turned his head and said to the assistant "to solve his pain." The assistant immediately cut the neck of the mother bear with a sharp edge.

Later, they took the mother bear back to the camp and enjoyed a few days of bear meat. Ironically, on the last day of the hunting trip, they just finished eating the mother bear, baking the bear's paw, and the dishes on the side are 'possum and 'taters.

I didn't expect the story behind the teddy bear to be full of blood...

Despite this, teddy bears have become popular in the world. Many children and even 20- to 30-year-old adults'sleeping companions are still plush teddy bears who have been with them for many years. They find that they are used to sleeping with them. Without it, they can't sleep at all. The raw materials of the teddy bears produced by YZJOYTOYS are in full compliance with EU and American standards. Sleeping with a teddy bear and even a teddy bear bite will not cause any harm. We accept all OEM processing and can design your own unique teddy bear according to your preferences.

Teddy Bear
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