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Why Is the Teddy Bear Called Teddy Bear?1

Teddy bear stuffed animals are fluffy toys for all ages. You must have seen them even if you don't have them at home. But do you know the true origin of the teddy bear?

In fact, the name of the teddy bear is from the US President Theodore Roosevelt (Old Roosevelt), whose nickname is called "Teddy." Old Roosevelt loved hunting very much. In 1902 he planned to hunt black bears in Mississippi. But after several days, he still couldn't find a bear.

Later, his assistant discovered a little black bear and knocked the little black bear out and tied it to the tree so that Old Roosevelt could shoot. But the little black bear weighed less than half of the normal weight. Old Roosevelt had compassion for the little bear, so he refused to shoot the bear. He said that this is "unsportsmanlike".

Roosevelt's compassionate spirit at the time spread immediately. The next day, a cartoonist named Clifford Berryman painted the political cartoon and published it in the Washington Post.

The bear in the picture has round ears and big eyes like Mickey Mouse, and later became the origin of the teddy bear.

Later, a pair of Russian-American immigrants showed two teddy bears in their stores, claiming that the name was authorized by President Roosevelt. German toy manufacturer Steiff also launched their teddy bear, which was later called the "golden ear teddy bear" because of its unique trademark. In short, the plush teddy immediately became the most popular toy at the time.

But even though the teddy bear was so popular, many people thought that this was just a temporary trend. The teddy bear would be eliminated after the retirement of Roosevelt. But toy manufacturers were also struggling to find out what consumers want and continue to innovate teddy bears. In short, turning the time to 1909, Old Roosevelt was about to step down, and William Howard Taft, recommended by Old Roosevelt, had been elected.

Teddy bear
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