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Why Can'T Catch The Doll In The Catching Doll Machine

There are a lot of netizens who have been abused by the doll machine many times. "Is it too stupid, or is it too difficult to catch a doll?" In fact, not catching the doll is not the customer's fault. A large-scale doll machine manufacturer said that the strength of the steel claws can be manually adjusted. This function was originally designed to grab dolls of different sizes and weights but has now been derived to a knack merchants. "Since you can't catch it, I can earn money."

Spent 20 yuan and could not catch a Pikachu
After a woman exchanged coins, she always stayed in front of a doll machine with Pikachu. Obviously, she was very eager to get her favorite plush toy. However, although it looks like mighty, the steel claw instantly becomes weak as long as it is gently lifted up after catching the plush toy and the toy falls from the finger of a steel claw, which makes the player angry and ruined. "I have spent 20 dollars!" The lady complained and left. The reporter observed the scene for 30 minutes. There were two or three people who experienced the game of catching the doll. There were young people and primary school students, but in the end, there was no one who succeeded.

The grabbing rate can be set manually for grabbing the doll machine
It is understood that a key technology for operating the doll machine is to manually set the grabbing probability. A customer service of a large-scale doll machine manufacturer in Guangdong revealed that in order to ensure the interests of the operators, the technicians of the manufacturers will help set the grabbing probability of the machine, such as for a doll of 5 yuan, "You can set a doll to grab 10, 15 or 20 times." It is understood that a doll machine can control the hand grip by adjusting the voltage. Generally, there are two settings of the strong grip and weak grip. If it is weak grip, it can be grabbed almost for one of 50 times and the lowest probability is one of 200 times. The grabbing process is divided into two parts: grabbing the doll and transporting the doll. The gripping force of the two sections can be set in different sections. If the strong grip force is set to 2 seconds, the doll is caught for 2 seconds and then turned into a weak grip to make the doll unconsciously fall, which could cause customers to continue to play coins again.
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