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When Plush Animal Toys Become Transitional Objects 2

As in the previous article, it is common for children to regard stuffed animal toys as “excessive objects”. As for why children need a constant, non-movable source of comfort, modern research shows that Winnipeg does not deviate from this goal. When the mother is not there, the teddy bear will appear. Studies conducted in the 1970s and 1980s showed that infants were more attached to transitional subjects in cultures where the babies were most often with their mothers. In other words, the research shows that today's mothers rarely hold their teddy bears.teddy bears
Scientists have tested the theory that transitional objects fill the gaps in the children whose mothers are not around in 2014. The study involved 1,122 three-year-olds children who spent half a day or a full day at daycare centers. Children who participate in all-day training are much more likely to carry a transitional teddy bear. The author wrote: “In those children who only stayed in the daycare center for half a day, the object adhesion rate was only 27.3%.” “For those children who often spend a whole day under organized care, the subject is attached. The ratio is significantly higher than 35.6%."

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