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What is the Most Popular Toy in 2018?

What is the most popular toy in 2018? The 7 trends in the New York toy exhibition are illustrated in detail.

2018, what kind of toy will be a hot sale?
Here are the 7 major trends in the media. Do you think it's reliable?

Various styles of slime
If you feel that the limelight of slime is only from 2017, then you are wrong. Its popularity is just beginning.

None of the big toy brands neglect this sticky toy.

The Color Chemistry Lab Set suite introduced by Crayola provides children with a series of interesting slime tests. Cra-Z-Art provides self-made raw materials for children who want to make their own products, including glue and boron free "slime activator".

Wowwee and MGA Entertainment provide the children with ready-made goo.

Miniature technical toys
In 2018, more affordable and mini electronic pet toys will go to the market.

HASBRO's FurReal Pets simulation pet toy series added 3 new members: a snack - eating dinosaur Munchin'Rex, a monkey veterinarian Check-up Zandi and a puppy Shaggy Shawn.

SpinMaster launches a small robot Boxer that contains many precompiled games, priced at $79.99.

In addition, a series of toys cannot be ignored, that is MATTEL’s display at the toy show, the new insect modeling Kamigami origami robot.

The more disgusting, the more popular
Something adults may sneer at enjoy their children's hearts, such as toys and games about toilets and acne.

SpinMaster launched the toilet theme collection Flush Force, which has 150 small monsters that pop out of the toilet for children to collect.

In addition, SpinMaster has launched a new series of ugly doll Fuggler.

MATTEL has brought the theme of toilet to the extreme, and launched a game called "Flush N'Frenzy". The game is characterized by the quick spraying of plastic stools into the air.

In HASBRO's "Don't Step In It" game, children must walk down a "Meadow Route" when their eyes are covered and try to avoid stepping on the glue that was made just like a stool.

Wowwee launched a table game called "What's That Smell?". Players need to rub cards in the game and distinguish the different flavors of the cards, some of which are disgusting.

Collectible toys
Toy collections are still one of the strongest growth point in the toy industry.

The data showed that sales of global collectible toys increased by 14% to $3 billion 900 million in 2017, mainly due to the popularity of L.O.L. surprise baby eggs, Hatchimals incubators and Lego Mini.

Overall, collectible toys account for about 8% of the industry's total sales.

It is expected that Hatchimals, L.O.L Surprise, Funko, TY and Fingerlings will launch more new collectible toys.

The most popular toy collections among them are squeezed toys, soft toys and luminous animals.

"I've played this game." Adrienne Appell, a spokesman for the American Toy Association, says that the sales of toys that the millennial generation used to play in the past, such as millionaires, chess and checkers, are expected to grow significantly in 2018.

In 2017, the "Star Wars" 40th anniversary, HASBRO seized the opportunity to launch the anniversary celebration toys, and will continue in 2018.

HASBRO also launched My Little Pony (my pony) again, which was launched by the company in 1983.

Cra-Z-Art did the same thing and released the retro version of its toy "Magna Doodle" sketchpad.

In addition, other brands are creating new products to arouse nostalgia. Funko launched the big head puppet of the "The Princess Bride" Princess Bride.

"Jurassic effect"
 “Jurassic world 2” will be released in the summer of 2018, and several toy companies are stepping up production of dinosaur theme toys.

Mattel Inc. owns the toy license of the movie and has a number of related toys, such as character dolls, to celebrate the release of the movie.

A toy that can play games with others
Driven by HASBRO's "Speak Out" (guess what I say) and "Pie Face" (cream face machine), this category of toys increased by more than 20% in 2016. Although this growth has eased slightly, people's enthusiasm for wacky toys has not declined.

In 2018, HASBRO once again improved the "Pie Face" and launched the Pie Face Cannon.

In addition to improving the old one, Hasbro also introduced new games, including Chow Crown, Speech Breaker and Awkward Hugs.

MATTEL has launched a mobile game called Handimonium.
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