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What Are The Materials Used For Stuffed Animal Toys? (3)

Picking up the previous topic, what are the materials used for stuffed animal toys?

Nylex, Tricot:
It is also divided into ordinary quilted fabric (100% Polyster) and nylon woven fabric (Nylon), which are usually used in common type. It is easy to cut pieces, make silk printing and embroider. In the case of silk printing, it is necessary to control the length of the hair to be long (usually no more than 1mm). Otherwise, the silk printing is difficult, the color is not easy to penetrate and it is easy to fade.

Nylon edge fabric is less used, only when special products require strong adhesion.

Cotton (100% Cotton):
Used for higher-grade printed fabrics, thicker than T/C fabric.
animal toys
Pay attention to the thickness and hardness. It is divided into ordinary polyester and acrylic. It is usually made of ordinary polyester. It is hard and has a thickness about 1.5mm. The acrylic is very soft and the structure is loose and easy to be rotten. It is often used in gifts and is rarely used on the toy.

PU leather:
It is a kind of Polyester, not a genuine leather. Note that the thickness of the fabric will vary depending on the base fabric.
Note: PVC materials should not be used in all toys. Because PVC contains excessive amounts of toxic and deadly elements and it is important to note that the material should not be of PVC nature.

Heavier T/C:
Also divided by cotton or T/C; thicker; the lines are clearly visible.

Fiber cloth:
The texture is measured by the number of counts; it should be selected according to the grade and the using application of the product.
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