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What Are The Materials Used For Stuffed Animal Toys? (2)

Picking up the previous topic, what are the materials used for stuffed animal toys?

There are many styles and Fuguang's color card book is very clear. It is very popular to make bean bags. Most of the TY beanies popular in the United States and Europe are made of this kind of material. The wrinkle bears we produced also fall into this category.
Quality characteristics: The surface is soft and the quality of the hair is generally poor. But the velboa will be slightly inverted and the slight skew can be accepted.

Be similar to the velboa but the hair length is about 1.5-2mm. Compared to the velboa, the elastic of the cloth is larger and no hair direction.
animal toys
T/C cloth (the composition is 65% Polyster, 35% Cotton
Be divided into three types:
  1. 110*76: thicker; used in printed fabrics or higher density products with high requirments; not easy to scatter.
  2. 96*72: thick; the density is relatively low.
  3. 88*64: slightly thick. Due to the loose structures, it is usually required with the intermediate degree for sizing so as to avoid the seams being easily scattered and causing a blast.
2) and 3) are usually used for interlining. When be using, it should be selected according to the grade and the using application.

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