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What Are The Materials Used For Stuffed Animal Toys? (1)

We are all familiar with stuffed animal toys, but we should not be familiar with the materials for them. Today, let us know about it!

(1) Plush cloth:
A, A yarn (also known as ordinary yarn, BOA material), divided into:
Light yarns: ordinary ones are generally shiny and the yin and yang faces can be separated under different light directions.
Matte yarn: that is matte, basically no two-side surface..

B, V yarn (also known as special yarn, T-590, Vonnel) has even cut and uneven cut. The hair length is about 4-20mm, which is a mid-range material.
animal toys
C, Hipile (Shanghai’ style, plush): the hair length is in the range of 20-120mm and any hair length can be made within the range of 20-45mm, only 65mm and 120(110)mm above 45mm, which is long and short hair and the hair is straight and smooth. Not easy to curl.

D, other material:
  • roll plush (rolling hair):
  • Tumbling boa, A yarn curl: most are granular hair, lamb hair or hair root is bundled and rolled up. Usually used to make more classic toys and the hair length is up to 15mm; the price is much cheaper than the Shanghai’s style curl.
  • Tumbling H.P. Shanghai’s style Curl: Usually the hair length is longer and the curling effect is looser. There are many styles to choose from.

E, Plush printing materials: 1, printing; 2, jacquard; 3, tip-dye; 4, motley; 5, two tone and so on.

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