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What Are The Materials Used For Stuffed Animal Toys? (4)

Picking up the previous topic, what are the materials used for stuffed animal toys?

Knitted fabric:
According to the weight of grams, the mass is divided, cotton or T/C and the elasticity of the fabric is large.

Electronic velvet:
Thin and bright but the matte surface is not soft enough.

Polar fleece:
It is divided into single-sided hair, double-sided hair; soft to the touch but more elastic.

There are several grades, the difference with the electronic velvet is softer and the price is relatively high.
animal toy
Flocking Material:
Single-sided, double-sided, single-sided flocking. If the base fabric is different, the thickness is different and the price is different.

Usually the sewing is not easy to make, too soft and easy to deviate.

Washed cloth, wrinkled cloth (Nylon Taffeta):
There are wrinkles on the fabric. Because it can be washed, some products will be used but the sewing is not good.

Nylon cloth:
Lining cloth: 170T; a kind of nylon cloth; very thin; cheap; can be considered as inner lining for the bag. Ordinary nylon cloth: 190T. Thick nylon cloth: 210T. Oxford cloth: 420T or more.

Terry cloth:
Cotton: The loop is high and looks rough. It is used on the toy to thicken the base fabric so that the cotton is not easy to run out.
T/C category: The terry is fine and smooth and it is mostly used in baby products, bath products, etc. Note that the base fabric should be thick.

Other: Denim, flash cloth
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