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What Are The Ingredients For Stuffed Animal Toys? (3)

After picking up the topic, what are the ingredients for stuffed animal toys?

(9) Color printed matter: including color box, tag, sticker, etc. The price of color printing is directly related to the number of orders. If the order is small, the number of printed paper is small, which is easy to cause large color difference, uneven color and the high ratio loss for manufacturers. So the price must be high.

To implement the price of printed matter, you should pay attention to whether it includes film, print-proof and coating. It is best to provide customers with film and color and color ratio (the proportion of the four-color CMYK)), which speeds up boarding and accuracy.

(10) Cloth and weaving: 21 pounds of tension could be passed. So we have to use thick belts.

(11) Various types of cotton ribbons, ribbons, wire ropes and rubber bands: pay attention to the difference in the quality of raw materials and the impact on product quality and cost.

(12) Velcro, buckle type, zipper type: pay attention to the high degree of fastness for Velcro (especially when the functionally using requirements are high).
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