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What Are The Ingredients For Stuffed Animal Toys? (2)

After picking up the previous topic, what are the ingredients for stuffed animal toys?

(6) Cotton: divided into 7D, 6D, 15D and divided into A, B, and C grades. We usually use 7D/A grades, and 6D is less used. Low-end products or products that are very hard and hard to apply are 15D/B or C. 7D is very smooth and elastic and 15D is rough.

According to the length of the fiber, it is divided into 64mm and 32mm cotton. The former is used for manual cotton washing and the latter is used for machine punching.

The general practice is to put the original cotton into the loose cotton, to ensure that the loose cotton workers operate correctly. There are enough times for loose cotton so that the cotton is completely loose to achieve good elasticity. If the effect of loose cotton is not good, it will cause a great waste of cotton consumption.
stuffed animal toys
(7) Colloidal particles: (divided into PP, PE), the diameter should be greater than or equal to 3mm and the particles are smooth and even. Products exported to Europe are generally more environmentally friendly than PE. Products exporting to the United States, except for special requirements of customers, can be cheaper with PP or PE. All export product rubber pellets must be wrapped in inner bags, unless otherwise specified by the guest.

(8) Plastic parts: ready-made plastic parts; the body cannot be changed, such as size, size, shape, etc. Otherwise it is necessary to open the mold, the general plastic mold cost is expensive, ranging from several thousand Yuan to several tens of thousands, depending on the size of the mold, the process difficulty and the choice of mold materials, so usually the production order output is less than 300,000 Yuan and the mold fee must be paid separately.

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