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What Are The Ingredients For Stuffed Animal Toys? (1)

Looking at the delicate stuffed animal toys, would you like to know what ingredients are used? Today, let us know about it!

(1) Eyes: It is divided into plastic eyes, crystal eyes, cartoon eyes and moving eyes.
(2) Nose: It is divided into plastic nose, flocking nose, nose, matte nose and so on.
(3) Ribbon (Ribbon): Specify the color, the small quantity or specify the style and please pay attention to the number of orders.
(4) Plastic bags: (PP bags are commonly used in American products, cheap, but European products must use PE bags; PE bags are not transparent enough for PP bags, but PP bags are more likely to be wrinkled and easily broken), PVC can only be used as packaging materials (DEHP content must be limited to 3% per square.). Heat shrinkable film is mostly used in color box packaging as a protective film.
stuffed animal toy
(5) Carton: (in two types)
Double square beam A=B, A=C, B=B, B=C, C=C; three square beam, A = B (such as the backpack series); unless the customer specifies, usually the box for export with A= B, the box with the small size for export can be considered to use B=B or B=C. Before ordering the carton; you should first select the genuine supplier. You must first confirm the paper quality provided by the carton factory. Note that each family may be different. You should choose the authenticity of the goods. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the quality of each batch of purchases and prevent the supply of commercial goods. Second-class products pretend to be genuine and other factors such as weather humidity, rainy season and other factors may also have adverse effects on paper.
Single square beam B33, C33, etc. usually use as the inner box, or domestic delivery of the turnover carton. The quality of the outer paper and the inner square beam determines the rigidity of the carton.

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