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The US Business Communities Strongly Oppose to the Trump's Tariff Measures

For days, On the President of the United States recently announced tariff measures, strong opposition has been raised by US business communities, civil society organizations, industry associations, etc., and called on Congress to act accordingly. America's trading group "Free Partner" announced in a press release on June. 20th that the group will cast a television advertising from 25th of this month, called on the US lawmakers to take action for the prosperity of the entire American people, promote free trade and oppose tariff measures.

The press release said trade was crucial to U.S. economic growth, while tariffs played the opposite role. Television ads include slogans such as "America must trade to keep growing", "tariffs are not the answer" and "tell Washington to stand for freedom and oppose tariffs". Same on 20th, "Free Partner", "Americans for Prosperity" and "Freedom Initiative" organizations joint lettered to the congressmen, calling on them to pass legislation  to restore the power of the congress on trade issues, instead of giving up all the power of trade policy to the administration department.

Similarly, the National Foreign Trade Council on 19th associated with nearly 60 groups including the American Oil Industry Association, the American Soybean Association, the National Retail Federation to call for the US to strengthen the supervision of the trade policy and rebalancing the power of the legislature and administration in management of trade policy. According to the National Foreign Trade Council's statement, the group has joint lettered to the Senate Finance Committee chairman and the House Budget Committee chairman Brady, called on the two committees to strengthen the supervision of U.S. trade policy, quickly held a hearing about the President's power to exercise the trade related rights, and consider whether there is a need to modify existing authorization, to strengthen the role of the congress in the implementation of trade policy.

Currently, the U.S. and Chinese governments have not touched on the core issues of bilateral trade, U.S. trade commission President John F. Frisbie said in a statement Wednesday. The U.S. business communities want to see both governments actively explore ways to address issues such as market access and technology protection. He said the tariff measures would not solve the problem and would harm U.S. economic interests and jobs. We call on the two governments to sit down and consult. American companies need solutions, not sanctions. The American Toy Association said in a statement that Mr Trump's recent tariff measures had prompted a backlash from China.

Although toys are not on the U.S. tax list, some of the key raw materials needed to make toys are already on the list. The Toy Association will continue to monitor the situation and oppose the tariff on behalf of U.S. toy manufacturers. Shinamon Rogers, vice president of the American Telecommunications Association, said he was disappointed by the administration's attempts to fix trade problems through tariffs. Rogers said, this could damage the industry which is the the most innovative in American economy, increase the manufacture cost, higher telecom price of the product, will also cause the loss of jobs, increase the burden to consumers.
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