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The Steps Of Custom Stuffed Animals

A Sales Promotion Of Stuffed Toys Will Boost Sales Performance Successful.

With the revival of the global economy, large enterprises are increasingly making use of promotional activities to substantially improve sales performance. Stuffed animals, as a popular product, are very suitable for promotional gifts. The reasons for these problems are in following aspects. Firstly, it is safe. The most important factor for a small gift is safety. Some small gifts are plastic products and there are many security risks. For example, a sharp corner after breaking will stab the child's body especially the fragile parts of the eye. However, stuffed animals do not have such a risk. The fabrics and fillers used in our factory conform to the safety standards of the European Union and the United States. No poison and no smell. There will be no problem even if a child contains it in his mouth. Secondly, it is lovely. Our personalized stuffed animals are all designed by professional designers. They are full and lovely. It is very popular among adults and children. Thirdly, the development cycles are short. Some small gifts of plastic or other materials are designed and developed for several months. So the timeliness of promotional activities will be influenced seriously. The customers miss the best business opportunities it makes all the effort a useless work. The development cycle of stuffed animals takes only a few days and the modification is easy, which greatly improves the success rate of promotional activities.

Next we will illustrate the process of custom stuffed animals through a practical CASE.
Case analysis: we achieved a win-win outcome in a collaboration with a library. At the beginning of the year, we received a telephone call from the librarians who wanted to customize a pile of personalized stuffed animals as gifts for the users who handle the library card. We immediately exchanged WeChat and e-mail addresses for future contact. The development of Internet provides us a very efficient and low-cost way to create value. Because sending images and videos through the Internet is very convenient, and it is not limited by time and space. We can receive a customer's design of personalized stuffed animals at any convenient time, anywhere. Even we can use mobile phone instead of computer to receive the message. Customers can know our design development record at the same time.we see a design of stuffed animals from the client's email. It is a cartoon owl image, owls always give people a sense of knowledge, which is very consistent with the theme of this activity.

The Steps Of Custom Stuffed Animals

On the same day, an owl stuffed animals was designed according to the customer's draft. We send the photo of stuffed animals to the customer immediately. And our sample is sent by post that night. The sample has no embroidery and printing in order to save time. It just use the marker pen to describe the eyes and mouth. The customer held a high-level meeting after receiving to discuss the sample. A number of amendments have been put forward, and the information is fed back to us. We modified the sample immediately after we receive the feedback. In less than a week, we submitted the final sample with printing and embroidery and finally received the customer's approval after three times of revisions. Then we made a necessary but not long bargaining for the final samples. Finally, a price acceptable to both sides is determined. After receiving the deposit from customers, we began to purchase raw materials, followed by a series of production processes such as tailoring, sewing, stuffing, sort out, packaging and so on. According to the customer's request, we sent 5 large samples. We shipped the goods to the customer appointed warehouse after the customer paid the balance payment.

Such a perfect cooperation has won a win-win situation for both of us and has become a long-term cooperative partner since then. We have collaborated two times after that. We sincerely hope that you can also become our partner, so that we can expand the turnover of both sides and have a good report forms by the end of the year.

The Steps Of Custom Stuffed Animals 1

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