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The Main Process Of Making Plush Toy Dolls

Plush toy dolls are more common in our lives and are the favorite gifts. Looking at these different kinds of toy products, how are these toys made? What are the main processes in the production?

1. Design of Plush Toy Dolls

First, the production of plush toys must be carried out in an overall style designing and style determination. There are many choices of toys. The styles will vary according to different designing requirements. Therefore, it is inevitable to be able to design first. You can start with a concept, determine the image plan, and evaluate whether it can be processed.

2. Cutting pieces

After having a basic image, it is inevitable to carry out three-dimensional cutting of the toy and the material cutting-pieces. The three-dimensional piece is a more effective and intuitive way, which can be expressed by two-dimensional concept, etc., and the part to be cut and stitched can be represented by lines. The piece of material directly determines the designing quality. The toy design is a more complicated and cumbersome part in the process.

3. The trial production

The trial production refers to a process that is carried out after repeated modification of the piece, that is, test processing to see if it can achieve the desired effect. If there is any need to modify the trial, it will be re-cut until it can produce a satisfactory finished toy.
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