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Stuffed Animal Toys -Fly With Me

Long-haul flights are quite challenging for anyone, not to mention children. So how do you keep them quiet and happy? It can be done by stuffing animal toys.

Almost everyone feels impatient and tired during long flights. Spending more than 10 hours in a small space is stressful, especially for young children.

Doing a little extra preparation before flying can get twice the result with half the effort. Stuffing animals is a simple and effective way to make children happy.

Emirates recently launched a series of special routes themed stuffing-animal. This activity is called "Fly with me animals". On these special-themed flights you can buy a range of smaller stuffed animals for your child. "Children can wrap their new friends in blankets, use their bags as a beggar, or put a cute little toy in a stroller while they are traveling," the company wrote on its website.  "They can also explore Animal Magazine with me, full of puzzles, games, and colored pencils.”

Macaws, penguins, reindeer and tigers are the newest members of the toy collection. Of course, you can also bring your stuffed animals to the plane. But make sure they are small because the space on the plane is very limited. In addition, because they are considered to be carry-on luggage, too many stuffed toys are not allowed. Besides, for a child, a smaller stuffed animal is easier to play with.

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