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Squishy Are Banned in Denmark

Squishy is a colorful soft toy made of memory foam. They come in all shapes and sizes and have become more and more popular recently. However, a recent study by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency recommended that parents discarded these toys and stopped buying them. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency studied and analyzed the chemicals released by 12 slime toys. All 12 products contain harmful substances with high concentrations, which can pose a hazard to children if they are playing with them for a long time. 12 products checked randomly is illegal to sell in Denmark and other EU regions and toy dealers must immediately remove these illegal toys. The Chemical Inspection Agency of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency will take the necessary measures to withdraw this particular toxic toy from the market.

Several different toxic substances
Studies show that all studied the squishy releases dimethylformamide with high levels, which can cause liver damage and transient irritation of the child's eyes and respiratory tract. If the mother is exposed to an unsafe squishy, it may harm the unborn child. All 12 squishy produce the other two mucocutaneous irritant with high concentrations. Two of the 12 soft clay toys released substances that cause damage to the nervous system and one of the 12 types of slime releases carcinogens.

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