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Meaning Of Customizing Dolls For Corporates

When it comes to building a brand and shaping its image for the company, we will think of giving the brand a distinctive name and inviting a spokesperson. However, the most important is to design a doll for the company.

The meaning of customizing plush dolls
Enhance the user awareness. The doll is a visual image, also known as the brand's second logo. Compared to the blunt logo, the funny dolls are easy to be remembered, especially children and the 90s and 00 generation of young people. In the vision era, competition begins with vision. If your users can't see you, the recognition can't be talked about! Vision creates the desire value and the brand also creates the value of desire. The first principle of brand is cognition and vision is the first way to strengthen cognition. A characteristic doll can bring the user a "stunning" at first sight and then fall in love with it.

Visualize and build emotional links.
World famous business executive Walter said, "If the name and logo are your face to let people remember you, the doll is your hands to let you hold on to others and have emotional relationships with people." In addition, the new generations of consumers are paying more attention to individual needs and spiritual pleasure. The personality of the doll makes the user feel close to the relevant brands, and then establish an emotional connection with inner trust, affection and affinity.

Brand differentiation.
The doll has become a trend and also is a way of brand differentiation. Enterprises or brands use dolls to create selling points to attract users and make users feel refreshed. This kind of dazzling, clear enough brand has to stop to watch or take pictures.

Increase the added value
Successful dolls are not only successful corporate brands, but also extend to other areas and have commercial value. Using people's the psychology of that loving for a person extends even to the crows on his roof, it is easy to "hook" customers. For example, the production of various peripheral products of dolls can sell products to obtain actual profits. Do not explain and you see! Moreover, it is possible to further expand the publicity effect, such as Starbucks canvas bags, McDonald's children's package stickers and so on.

How to build your own doll to promote:

Highly recognizable
Recognizability should have to be characteristics. Just like an actor or actress, he/she is looking pretty good or has his/her own characteristics. Otherwise it is difficult for the audience to remember him/her. We have seen so many Internet celebrities and anchors, but there are few that can be remembered. But we remember Mrs. Fengjie. The same is true for dolls and the popularization image will not make people remember. Therefore, we must find another special way in the design of the doll. Grasp the customer's eye with creative forms to enhance the recognition of the mascot with unconventional style, simple and vivid colors.

Easy to extend the application
For many brands or companies, the doll is their second sign and it will always appear in various places in the future.
Therefore, the expandability of the doll is very important. Many dolls are very funny, but the using scene is very limited. So it is difficult to apply it in practice. This is not a successful image doll. It is not too difficult to do this. First, the design should not be too complicated. It is necessary to ensure that various processes can be made within the minimum size that may be used. Second, it is necessary to ensure that the logo has a black and white draft with identification.
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