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Introduction Of Plush Toy Fabric Knowledge

Short velveteen introduction

Short velveteen fabric, the finest material for the customized plush toy, is the most fashionable fabric in the world. The surface of the fabric is covered by the raised fluff, and the pile height is generally about 1.2 mm to form a flat suede. So it is called velveteen.

Short velvet features

1. The velveteen surface is densely covered with fluffy hair. So the hand feels soft and elastic, the gloss is soft and the surface is not easy to wrinkle.
2. The fluff is thick and the fluff on the surface can form an air layer. So the warmth is good.

Appearance of short velveteen

The appearance of the excellent short velveteen should be such that the fluff is plump and erect, the level is uniform, the suede is smooth and flat, the color is soft, the directionality is small, the hand feels soft and smooth, and the elasticity is flexible.

Introduction to pine needle velvet

The pine needle velvet are made of FDY polyester filament twisted embroidery thread, combined with making thread technology and artificial fur technology. The fabric made of polyester filament yarn is the mainstream product. The developed new fabric has been combined with making thread technology and artificial fur technology. The product style is unique with three-dimensional sense.

Advantages of pine needle velvet

It can not only show elegance and wealth, but also reflect gentle beauty. Because of the change of fabrics, it caters to the psychology of consumers seeking "newness, beauty, and fashion." This kind of cotton looks very high-grade. For example, many bears use this fabric, but the shoddy phenomenon on the market is very serious.

Introduction to rose velvet

Because it looks spiral, just like a rose. So it is called the rose velvet.

Characteristics of rose velvet

Comfortable, elegant and easy to wash, and good warmth.

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