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How To Judge Whether There Is A Camera In The Eyes Of A Plushy Toy

The development of modern technology makes it possible for a high-definition camera to be only a few millimeters in diameter. Just look at the camera on your phone. The most critical cost has also dropped to a surprising level, which electronics market can easily buy. This creates opportunities for crime for some people with ulterior motives. Let's imagine that if a friend who is not too familiar or even a stranger gives you a big plushy teddy bear, what reason can you refuse? After all, girls don't have any resistance to cute plush toys. But what if there is a camera that can be remotely controlled? He can control the camera for recording on the Internet at any time, then send the content to you for extortion and threaten to send them to the Internet... that is terrible. Such cases have appeared in many countries.

Below we will introduce a few ways to identify whether a plushy toy has a hidden intrigue:
1. Look at the light without turning on the light in the night;
2. Try to put the magnet on the eye;
3. Squeeze the eye from the position of the back of the head facing the eye. If there is a camera inside, when the back of the head and eyes. When you are close, you will feel a hard object;
4. Turn on the microwave oven and turn the toy eye closer. The microwave oven will damage the precision equipment;
5. The easiest way is to remove the eye and check it. If there is no problem, install it again;
6. When you are not playing, take items such as clothes to cover the eyes of the toy;
7. Inspect all other accessories or parts with small holes in the same way.

The above is just a simple way to check if there is a sneak shot in the plushy toy and the safest way is to refuse to accept the plushy toy of the stranger unless you confirm that there are no secret devices hidden inside. Click here for more wholesale stuffed animals.
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