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How to Import Toys from China: Complete Guide 1

Many of my friends, including our foreign customers and Chinese suppliers, don't like to do toy business because there are countless different types of toy products and I don't know what to sell. Another reason is that many countries have many regulations on the import of toys, which will certainly cause a lot of trouble.

But the truth is that imported toys are not as complicated as you think, you only need to choose some good products and the right suppliers.
This article will provide a comprehensive introduction to how to import toys from China, including how to choose products, how to find the right suppliers, and some common problems and solutions.

What kind of toys will bring you business?
According to my experience, importers from different countries like to import classic toys, such as balls, cars, and stuffed animals, because all these classic toys have huge and stable demands every year. There is no need to worry about sales because customers always need them.
In addition, there are hot-selling toys every year in the world.

If you can discover the potential of these products and import them ahead of your competitors, then you have already made a lot of money when others start selling.

Chinese toy classification (Custom Plush Animal Toys)

There are many types of toys made in China, and I divide them into the following types and manufacturing areas.

China Toy Manufacturing Area
  • Remote Control Toys: helicopter, car, dinghy, four-axis drone: Chenghai, Shenzhen
  • Die Casting and Toy Cars, Trucks, Car Models: Chenghai
  • Spelling Toys: Lego toys, anime characters: Chenghai
  • Filled animal toys, puppets, mascots, and clothing are mainly distributed in Yangzhou and Qingdao, but there are also some in Yiwu, Shenzhen and other cities.
  • Classic Toys: YOYO, balloons, balls: Chenghai, Yiwu and other cities.
  • Learning and educational toys: toy musical instruments, wooden toys: Yunhe (Zhejiang)
  • Outdoor and playground toys: slides, seesaw: Yongjia (A town in Wenzhou ) - China Playground Toy Capital
  • Model and building toy blocks: Chenghai, Yiwu
  • Baby toys: bells, walkers: no designated cities, but mainly in Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces.
Jigsaw puzzles, DIY toy puzzles, and Rubik's cube high-quality puzzles are mainly produced in Chenghai. DIY craft toys are mainly produced in Yiwu.

Where can you find toy manufacturers and suppliers in China?
Most of the products made in China have their own origins, so do toys.
Whether you are looking for a supplier in China or on the Internet, such as Alibaba.com, you need to pay attention to the location of the supplier. According to my experience, toys made in China are mainly produced in the following five places:

  • Chenghai World Toy Capital of Guangdong Province
If you are specialized in the toy business and always buy a lot, Chenghai will be the best choice. You can find toy companies or factories, or toy-related things everywhere in the city. Unlike Yiwu suppliers who gather in the wholesale market, Chenghai’s toy factories usually send samples to toy trading companies. The trading company uploads all products to the Alibaba page or to its own website and orders them at the time of foreigner ordering. Then the company orders the products from the factories when receiving orders from foreigners. Of course, there are also several large toy trading companies that have their own showrooms with an area of thousands of square meters. Customers can visit their showroom, select products and order. In addition, there are many sample room companies in Chenghai, and the factory can display their samples by renting a display rack (one costs 500 to 1000 US dollars per year). If you are interested in the products displayed there, the company will provide you with all contact information for the factories. But the heads of most toy factories don't speak well in English. If you plan to go directly to the sample room or contact the factory, you'd better find a Chinese translator to help you. Maybe a toy trading company would be a better choice.

In addition, it is interesting to note that during the visit, you can put your favorite toy samples into the shopping cart and take them away for free. These companies also offer free lunches such as McDonald's or KFC, free drinking, and even free cigarettes. They provide such a good service because the toy factory pays them a lot of rent each year.
Trading companies and sample companies can be founded in every corner of Chenghai, and you can easily get their information from the hotel.

  • Yiwu, which mainly produces low-value toys and small toys
Many low-value toys, such as children's DIY craft toys, are produced in Yiwu and nearby cities, and there are also toy suppliers from all over China, including toy suppliers from Chenghai. Toy wholesale is very convenient because the wholesale market is like a big trade fair.
If you visit China personally and specialize in plastic or electronic toy business, Chenghai is your choice.
If the toy is only part of your business and there are many other products in your purchase order, then Yiwu will be a suitable place. Because it is very convenient to buy all the products in Yiwu wholesale market. Even if you buy toys made in Chenghai in Yiwu, the price here will not be much different. If you buy other products, then Yiwu will be a suitable place.

  • Yangzhou/Qingdao mainly produces plush toys
Although you can also find suppliers of plush toys and stuffed toys in Chenghai, Yiwu or Shenzhen, usually trading companies, most of the actual manufacturers of these toys are located in Yangzhou, and some small stuffed toys are produced in Qingdao. There is a wholesale market for stuffed toys in Yangzhou, it is not far from Shanghai. If you specialize in importing stuffed toys, you can go there and see.

Yongjia, Zhejiang Province: the capital of Chinese children's learning and playground

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