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How To Determine the Price of Stuffed Animal Plush Toy?

At present, China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of stuffed animal plush toys. In 2016, the exports of toy has reached $18.386 billion, of which filled plush toys accounted for a majority. As a production factory with more than 10 years production experience of stuffed animal plush toy, and we also have rich experience in monitoring costs. Next, we will analyze the composition of the price of an ordinary stuffed toy.

1. The raw material of the plush stuffed animals

The main raw materials for stuffed animals include fabric, stuffing, the accessories of eye and nose, etc.

A. At present, the main fabrics for stuffed animal plush toy are: plush, super soft short plush, short plush, polar fleece, felt, nylon cloth and so on. They always have different prices according to the fur length and gsm and the variety of raw materials. These fabrics are mainly determined by the shape of the animal toy or character toy. The appearance and feel of the fabric must conform to the features of that animal or character, for example, when producing the dinosaur we usually use the printed short plush to reflect the texture of rough skin, while cuticolour super soft short plush is generally used to produce the skin of poeple.

B. Stuffing: Most of the stuffed toys use polypropylene cotton as a conventional filler. This kind of cotton has the following characteristics: It has high elasticity (no matter how long it is squeezed, it will be restored in a few minutes), it is light (the toys around 30cm only need about 100 grams of polypropylene cotton), its breathability is good (this makes it possible to clean the whole toy, and it can be dried quickly after washing), it is nontoxic and tasteless (this is in line with the requirements of the United States and the European Union for stuffed animal toys, and it will not cause any harm to children). Other fillers include sponges, foam particles, weighted plastic particles, fragrant particles. These fillers can produce different filling effects.

C. The accessories of eye and nose: The general accessories of eye and nose are made of safe and non-toxic plastic. It is very important for all eyes and noses to meet certain pull requirements. Because most toys are produced for children, and they always pull the prominent eyes, noses and other accessories intentionally or unintentionally. Once the accessory falls off, it is likely to be eaten by a child, which will cause serious consequences. Therefore, the eyes and nose of stuffed animal toys are increasingly being replaced by embroidery patterns or prints.

2. Labor cost
The artificial cost of processing stuffed animal plush toys consists of cutting, sewing, stuffing, needlework and packing.

A: Cutting: At present, the cutting process has basically achieved a mechanized operation. The main methods are electric sheer, punch, and laser. And laser cutting has become the main way of cutting because its speed is fast, the error is small and it can save material.

B: Sewing: This process costs most when stuffing toys, because the price of a toy is largely influenced by the complexity of the toy itself. Workers alwqys sew by a high-speed electric sewing machine in a large sewing shop. A large number of orders are often done in a pipelined way. Each worker is responsible for a process. The benefits of doing so are self-evident: repeating a simple process for a long time will greatly reduce the overall cost. But this only applies to large orders with a quantity of more than 10,000, and small orders can not benefit from this way. This is why the unit price of a small order is much higher than that of a large order.

C: Stuffing: Most of the stuffing work is done by a cotton filling machine at present. The efficiency of a cotton filling machine is equivalent to the efficiency of 4-5 skilled workers. The cotton filling machine is easy to operate and it can produce products of exactly the same weight. It has become the standard configuration of the toy factory.

D: Needle work: No matter how quickly the modernization process changes our mode of production, some processes are still irreplaceable by machines. After stuffing, the product must be stitched manually to close the stuffing port.

E: Packing: The packing process includes the last procedure of inspection to pick out the inferior. After cutting, blowing, shaping, and checking the needle, the qualified products can be finally loaded into the plastic bag and then placed in the carton.

3. Storage and Transportation costs of the Stuffed Animal Plush Toy
After storing the finished goods in the warehouse, there will be a certain amount of storage cost in the process of waiting for transportation. This period needs anti mold and moth prevention, and it may produce a certain amount of cost. There may be a certain cost in this period because of the need to have mould proof and be mothproof. Generally, our products are shipped by sea. This requires us to ship the goods to the warehouse designated by the shipping company. In addition to the truck cost, there are a lot of warehousing fees and customs declaration fees, which are often ignored by customers. Customers often can not understand why the cost of entering warehouses is higher than the truck fee. But this is the case, especially in the case of a transaction reached by the FOB clause and the shipping company appointed by the customer, the shipping company often charge extra fees. Therefore, when the factory calculates the price, it must take account of this situation.
The above is the general cost of processing stuffed animal plush toys. Now the labor cost is high and some costs are fixed. Buyers can not just blindly pursue low prices and choose suppliers whose quotations are very unreasonable. In order to receive a vicious competition from the order, they tend to raise the price in the middle of the execution of the order or to avoid the excessive loss by using the inferior material or the cutting of the material. Through cut-throat competition, they receive the order, and they always raise the price in the middle of the order execution or use inferior materials or do shoddy work to avoid excessive losses. Compared with these inferior suppliers, our factory (www.yzjoytoys.com) adheres to the win-win concept. When the factory makes a certain profit, we will try our best to let customers get a competitive price and uses our sincerity to ensure customers' good purchasing experience.
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