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How To Clean Up Stuffed Toys

,Plush toys are the favorites of many children and girls, but after playing for a long time, there are a lot of dirty things inside the plush toys, which is not good for people's health. Thus, the plush toys should be cleaned regularly. Here are some experiences to share:

Choose the right water temperature
Many high-end plush toys need warm water to wash, which will not damage the softness of the plush toys. Generally, the water temperature can be controlled at thirty or forty degree centigrade. But in the hot summer, you don't need to add the boiling water. It is quite suitable to wash a plush toy with a basin of water under the sun.

The soft color of the plush toys are washed separately
When washing a plush toy, it is necessary to wash the dark and light colors separately. Do not mix them together. Once the color is lost to other toys, it will be not good looking. Especially some solid colored plush toys, pure white, pure pink, etc., it is very bad looking because of a little other color.

Try to use neutral detergent
When cleaning a plush toy, it is best to use a neutral detergent (the silky detergent is better), which is less harmful to the plush toy and does not cause hair loss or color loss. The amount of detergent to be added should also be appropriate, and should be added according to the reasonableness of the instructions to avoid the waste. In addition, you can also use coarse salt to wash plush toys, and should pay attention to the amount.

Pay attention to the strength when washing plush toys
When cleaning a plush toy, do not use too much strength to grasp, pinch, etc., so as not to damage the toy or cause hair loss. The strength of the plush toy should be chosen according to the texture of the plush toy. The fluffy toys need less, and the short or no fluff can be slightly rubbed.

Choose the right scrubbing tool
Since the plush toy is soft and cannot be brushed with a common brush, a special plush soft brush should be used. When purchasing a soft brush, choose a good quality, no lint.

First soak the detergent and then soak in the plush toy
Before washing, first add the detergent, wait until the detergent is fully opened and then put it into a plush toy for about half an hour. In the middle, you can reverse the inversion so that it can be completely soaked. This will make it a lot easier to wash the plush toy.

Use the washing machine carefully
Although the washing machine washing the plush toy is labor-saving, but the high-speed rotation of the washing machine is very easy to damage the plush toy. Therefore, if the plush toy is not very dirty, it is recommended to wash it by hand, and wash it in a dirty place for several times, which can save electricity.

Do dehydration and drying
Plush toys are not easy to dry, it is best to use a washing machine for dehydration. Wrap the cleaned plush toys in a bath towel and put them into the washing machine to choose soft dehydration. The dehydrated plush toys are shaped and combed and placed in a ventilated place to dry. It is best not to expose to the sun, and exposure is easy to change color.
Finally, please remind you that for toys with batteries, electronic equipment, and audio, be sure to remove the electronic components before cleaning to prevent water damage.

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