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How to Choose Children Educational Toys

1. Distinguish toy objects
There are many educational toys on the market and not all educational toys are suitable for children. For example, if there is a hole in the toy or the toy has small accessories that are easy to fall off, parents should avoid buying it to prevent injury to the child's fingers or accidental eating of the gadget. When purchasing metal toy products or plastic toys, check the surface for smoothness. If it is a plastic toy product, check the burrs and seams. If it is a plushy toy product, check for parts peeling and odor.

2. Is there a "3C" certification mark?
To ensure safety, parents should purchase products marked with the "3C" logo.
The so-called "3C" certification mark, that is, China's certification mark for toy products on the market. These toys can be found on the official website for "3C" details. For the sake of safety, parents should buy educational toys in large supermarkets or well-known toy stores to get better security.

3. Observe the appearance of the toy
When buying toys, parents should try to avoid the following types of toys: rough edges, various small parts, and sharp corners. These may pose a threat to your child's safety, so parents should carefully observe the appearance of the toy. It is worth noting that since many toys carry plastic bags, parents should discard them in time to avoid suffocation.

4. Carefully observe the outer packaging of the product
Any official manufacturer will have a standard logo on the outer packaging of the product, such as the manufacturer, 3C logo and product name. Parents should pay special attention to these signs when purchasing. Yangzhou Joytoys Co., Ltd. looks forward to working with you. Our quality service and high quality products will definitely satisfy you. The business scope covers all kinds of stuffed animal plushy toys, plushy earmuffs, baby toys, pet toys and so on.

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