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How To Identify Whether The Stuffed In Toy Is PP Cotton Or Shoddy Cotton

Yangzhou Joytoys factory specializes in all kinds of plush toys for sale, including stuffed animal toys, plush hats, animal pillow cushions, plush scarves, plush earmuffs and so on. The annual production of plush stuffed animal toys is about 1 million. The products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific region, with an annual production value of about 6 million US dollars.  We have rich experience of identifying whether the stuffed in toys is PP cotton or shoddy cotton.

1. Touch the pure PP cotton by hand which feels very soft and very uniform as touching a down jacket. It will not have any foreign body sensation and hard object sensation. If two hands are pressed at any part of the bear, two hands can be put together. There is no foreign body sensation, only a uniform soft cotton. Poor touch is piece by piece, and there is a sense of foreign body when touched by hand. When opening the zipper on the back and pull out even if the cotton inside, pure PP cotton is all the same as the zipper mouth. However, the cotton layer in the zipper mouth is a good cotton but when the hand will go up and down in several directions, it is shown the original true face, which is all of the scraps of the garment factory. It is mixed with cloth strips, thread ends, packaging ropes and nails that are removed from the boxes. Because the garment factories don’t want them, and they are all stepped on the ground. It is not surprising that these things were filled in the plush toys. So someone will come to the door every day for about 2 yuan per pound.

2. This is also the easiest way to ask the store directly that it is all PP cotton in plush toys. You could say that you will receive a full look. If it is not all PP cotton, you will return purchases. Maybe they will not sell the toys because out of stock and other excuses and you can keep these shoddy cotton out of the door before buying. In fact, the toys are bought or used by your loved ones. If you buy a shoddy toy, your gift will be given a big discount. The person who received your gifts just appreciate your kindness and not for your gifts and it doesn't necessarily tell you how bad it is. Therefore, when purchasing a plush toy, it is very important to identify the filler.
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