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Considerations For Purchasing Children'S Toys


First, when choosing a toy, the consideration is whether the toys are suitable for the age of your child. Because if children at different ages have different comprehension and hands-on abilities, the suitable toy types are different. In general, toys for younger infants and young children should be colorful and easy to grasp so as to exercise their sensory perception and coordination of hand and eyes and also to pay attention to small parts that should be gentle and free from falling so as not to cause injury. But the older children do not have to be constrained by this. Second, we must also consider the gender characteristics. The formation of different personality, hobbies and behavioral characteristics of male and female have a lot to do with the prevailing parenting style in childhood. In fact, most parents also intentionally or unintentionally choose toys for their children according to their gender, such as buying dolls for girls and toy cars for boys. However, for young children, this gender difference should not be overemphasized, but also take into account the child's own interests and hobbies, which is conducive for the overall development of ability and interest.


Childhood is the most critical period of intellectual development. It is the most suitable form of education for children to accept their abilities and interests by using toys to express their educational and entertaining interests. Broadly speaking, it can be said that almost all toys suitable for children are ingenious. Because of no matter what kind of toys to be played, during the process of fiddling and operation, the children’s necessary ability of cognition and operation, hand-eye coordination, etc. can be exercising for intellectual development. However, the so-called puzzle-type toy refers to a toy that requires active thinking, needs to solve problems, or achieve certain goals during the operation. These toys have such characteristics: lively and vivid, able to attract children, needing the hands-on operation; different levels of participation in mental activities such as judgment, thinking, reasoning, etc. These toys are not just exercising the operation skills, such as chess toys, building blocks, puzzles, Rubik's cube, strategic computer games, etc. Some parents think that the more difficult the toy is, the more intriguing it is. This is actually a misunderstanding. Because if the toy presents the child with a problem that he can't solve, it makes the toy lose its original meaning and makes the child feel uninterested.


The role of toys should be based on the child's interest and curiosity. Therefore, when choosing a toy, you should also take your child's own interests and wishes into consideration. Some parents have "designed" their hobbies or development direction for their children. They have a tendency to choose toys and neglect their own interests and wishes. As a result, there may be such a situation: parents have painstakingly selected toys and returned home, but the toys were abandoned by their children so that the toy couldn’t play its due role. Of course, taking care of the child's interest in choosing a toy does not mean that everything is heard towards the child but is guided by the child's interest. In this way, the role of toys can be fully utilized. There are two issues to be aware of here. First, younger children are more likely to be attracted by the color, sound, and movement of the toy at once, and then ask the parents to buy them. But they often dissipate them quickly after buying them. In fact, this is not a manifestation of true interest. It is only for curiosity. Parents should pay attention to the distinction. Second, some toys, especially video games, are easy to make due to their interactivity and novelty. Children who are immersed in it and unable to extricate themselves are not conducive to the development of their physical and mental health. Of course, this "interest" cannot be indulged.

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The reason for the frugality here is that in recent years, toys on the market have become more and more popular, brand-name, and imported. A few yuan of toys are rare, replaced by high prices of tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars or even hundreds of dollars and some imported electric toys can be as high as thousands of dollars. For the average family, the purchase of such a high price of toys is more harmful than good. Because the toy function is mainly due to the characteristics of the toy itself, the suitability and interest of the child. And not the higher the price is, the more prominent the function is. In fact, a toy with a higher price will be designed with the higher automation degree. For this toys, it is easy to attract the child's attention to its complex functions and fancy designs, which is not conducive to toys, such as advanced electric toys, computer game consoles, and so on. In addition, purchasing expensive toys for children is obviously not conducive to children's good habits of thrift.

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