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China's Toys Market Starts the "brand" War

The toy market is expanding year by year with the increase of the newborns, and the leading brand of domestic market shows the strategy of brand upgrading.

Brand new LOGO takes "open box" as brand new visual presentation.

The data from the Ministry of industry and information and the Bureau of statistics showed that the production and marketing rate of the toy industry in 2017 was 97.8% and the main business income was 235 billion 710 million yuan, rised 8.5% from the same period, and the total profit was 12 billion 780 million yuan, up 8.8% from the same period. Some people predict that China will replace the US in 2022 to become the largest toy consumer market in the world. With the increase of household income in China, toys for children with plastic building blocks have become the most promising segments of the toy market.

China's intelligent developing toy industry is expanding year by year with the increase of newborns. In the face of the new development opportunity, some main players of the plush toys announced the full upgrade of the brand in Guangzhou in April 7th, and stepped out a key step on the road of market consumption upgrading and transformation.

The prospect of China's toy market is good
From 2010 to 2015, the global toy market retail sales increased from 76 billion 160 million US dollars to 87 billion 120 million US dollars, and the annual average annual growth rate of 5 years was 2.73%, according to the report of the “2017-2022 year Research Report on the operating situation and development trend of toy manufacturing industry in China”. It is estimated that retail sales in the global toy market will reach US $96 billion 160 million in 2019, and the average annual compound growth rate will be 2.50% in the 5 years from 2015 to 2019.

At present, the United States is the largest toy consumer in the world, its retail volume in 2015 is 22 billion 400 million US dollars, accounting for 25.72% of the global toy retail sales, and China's retail sales in 2015 is 10 billion 100 million dollars, accounting for 11.59%, ranks second in toys retail in the world, the largest toy consumer in Asia.

The growth of China's toy market is obviously better than that of the global market. The data show that since 2014, the domestic market has entered another rapid growth period, and the growth rate has been steadily increasing year by year, which is far higher than the growth rate of the world toy market in the same period. By 2019, the retail sales of our domestic market is expected to be 13 billion 880 million US dollars, and the market prospect is broad.

In the toy market, intelligence toys are especially concerned. Especially in the domestic market, with the opening of the second child policy, the children's toy toys market, represented by plastic blocks, has a larger space for development. Lego's latest 2017 earnings report showed that the global market revenue was up to $5 billion 800 million over the past year. In recent years, the European and American toy market has been in a state of low growth, but the Chinese market has grown up by double-digit. Lego said the high growth of the Chinese market is an attractive cake for toy manufacturers, and the new rising middle-class, second child policy and increasingly open parents have given Lego opportunities.

Domestic intelligent developing toys need to rise
"China's toy industry is facing opportunities as well as many problems." Jacada, general manager of the toys association, said at the conference that the scale of the toy industry in 2017 increased by 16.24% compared to the same period last year. However, we must not neglect that the toy industry is highly homogeneous, the price competition is fierce, and the profit is getting lower and lower. In particular, in the small plush toys field, compared with the international well-known enterprises, the local brand name is less known, the designing level, brand influence, quality level are far behind other well-known international famous brands. From the perspective of the whole industry, the scale of enterprises is small and scattered, and the degree of centralization and organization is low, and the market share of individual enterprises is low.

And European international data shows that in 2015, Lego building blocks were ranked first in China's building toy category with 33.2% of the market share, while other market shares were divided by various brands, but these brands were generally lower than the Lego price.

Industry leaders is starting up and upgrading
However, Jacada also said that although the international brand has a certain advantage in the Chinese market, with the rise of local brands, its market share has been narrowing, and the proportion of similar domestic brands is expanding. He said that in the case of the growth of the national economy, the increase of the consumption capacity, the rising of family  income and the increasing diversification of marketing channels, the toy consumption of Chinese families is increasing, and the domestic brands also have the opportunity to develop.
Especially in the background of consumption upgrading, the consumption trend is approaching the brands, the big brand will become bigger and bigger, the small brand will be smaller and smaller, the Chinese brand awareness is constantly strengthened, the next battlefield will be "brand". It's time for toy companies to upgrade.

In this brand promotion conference, the new brand LOGO and visual identification system were released on the basis of the "fantastic dream" concept. As the core of the all-round upgrading of the enlightenment brand, the brand new LOGO has inherited the brand mission that makes more children dream easier to come true, and integrates the more international and more fashionable elements, with the "open box" as the new visual presentation of the brand.

According to the introduction, the brand concept of the comprehensive upgrading will be integrated into various directions, such as product design, detail quality, user service, channel system and so on. It will follow the global trend of children's toy development and lead the consumption upgrade. The upgraded building blocks will create international quality products with international vision and innovative thinking, creating high quality toys affordable by most of children, and integrate oriental culture into the fun experience.

With the all-around upgrading of the new brands, international quality will also be integrated into the design, manufacture and experience of new products. During the launch of the conference, the original IP, the original creative personality, the environmental protection food grade ABS raw materials, the precise and fine workmanship, the three major safety certification, CE/3C/ASTM, the more playable and innovative structural dynamic design, the persistence to origin will be strengthened, and tried to improve the core competitive power of the "Chinese quality" in the global toys.
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