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Awkward Research: 10% Of Men Still Sleep With Teddy Bear

As we all know, the millennial is the happiest generation in that they all know how to take care of themselves. Recently, the research indicates that the millennial has a intriguing way to nurture themselves: Teddy Bear.

Build-a-Bear-Workshop surveyed 2,000 adults for the plush toys. As revealed, 99 percent of adults had a stuffed animal when they were children. It is not so surprising. According to a clinical psychologist, Dr. Shefali Tsabary said that "for children, a stuffed animal symbolizes warmth, comfort and playfulness." However, it is surprising that at least 53 percent of the surveyed adults still have at least one stuffed animal, either at their home or at their parents' homes.

As the survey shown, one third of surveyed adults who has plush toys determine to keep their own plush toys. Most of them are the millennial. A quarter of them still sleep with plush toys. This people said that plush toys made them feel comfortable and secure. 10% of men around the age of 20 admit that they still sleep with plush toys.

More than half of adults with plush toys say they have owned them for at least 20 years. “Plush toys can keep memories that are very special for us and remind us of the perfect moments in our lives,” Dr. Shefali explains, "The comfort of a Teddy bear may help us get through the difficult time, so it has always played an important role in our lives."

If you don't have a plush toy yet, it's not too late. Even with new plush toys, it is still comforting. Dr. Shefari says, "This is a symbol of childhood. At that time, we felt different and safe. Therefore, in the life of adults, whether old or new, plush toys still occupy a special position."
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