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AR Plush Toy Help Emirates Get The Bear Child Done On The Plane

Augmented reality (AR) provides airlines with a way to entertain children without taking up cabin weight and space.

Emirates Airlines combines children's plush toys with the 3D augmented reality experience together. Since December 1st, all flights of Emirates Airlines will present the ornaments and stuffed animals of a polar bear Noel to young passengers. However, unlike other toys about "Emirates Flying With Me Animals" theme, polar bears are equipped with a digitally presented gift card to show 3D AR animation.

Through Buzz Products, it took six months to develop a story about Noel's family in the Arctic and receiving Christmas presents and the design studio presented the original concept of Emirates Airlines "Flying with Me".

Buzz's director, Leonard Hamersfeld, said: "We know that the technology is also very important among today's children and now it is a key part of the entertainment for children. Combining physical products with technology is the important attention to the development and entertainment model for children. "

Buzz Products is not the only product with AR to provide entertainment for children on board. Charlotte Gade, head of KIDZInflight Consulting and Concept Development, explained: “Children are the only passengers who can basically determine the cabin environment. If the child is not happy, the entire cabin will be affected. The airline is very concerned about getting the children to receive good hospitality. ”

This fact and the success of Pokémon Go (using augmented reality technology), prompted KIDZInflight to cooperate with Zappar. Once the app detects and recognizes a zap code, Gade says that in the children's on-board activities, the code can be printed as something as small with 8 mm in diameter—it uses AR to make photos, videos and contents such as games become alive and vivid.

AR Plush Toy
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