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A Coup To Clean Stuffed Animal Toys Without Water

Cleaning up stuffed animal toys is not an easy task. Do you have a better way? If not, today we will teach you a coup to clean the stuffed animal toys without water!

Method: Put half a bowl of large salt (that is, coarse salt, sold in the supermarket, 2 yuan a bag) and dirty plush toys together into a plastic bag. Tie the mouth and shake it vigorously for dozens of times. It turns grayish black due to the adsorption of dirt.

stuffed animal toys

Advantages: Avoid the knotting of the toy due to washing and the salt has a disinfecting effect, which is quick and time-saving.

Principle: The dirt is adsorbed by the positive and negative ions of salt, namely sodium chloride.

To put it another way: this method can also be used to clean the plush collar of the cotton suit and the small things like the plush cushion in the car.

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