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Quality Control

With the rapid development of the Chinese market, market competition has become more and more fierce. Companies must change the concept of management, establish a concept of quality management as "quality of products, production efficiency and after-sales service is the lifeline of the company."

"Quality is the life of an enterprise." Without quality, there is nothing. The question of quality often does not lie in the problem itself, but in the person who does the work, and in the thinking and attitude of the person doing the work. Solving quality problems is one of the challenges managers must face.

The quality of a country’s products reflects side by side the quality of the entire nation: The quality of an enterprise’s products also reflects the quality of the entire company’s employees and determines whether the company can gain a place in the fierce market competition.

Every ideological person will realize the importance of product quality to a company and regard product quality as a long-term strategic goal of the company. The quality management paradigm of advanced countries in the world has repeatedly proved that quality is competitiveness.

Business industry is like the battlefield, and the main weapon of this war is quality. The one with good quality is the winner of this war. It can be seen that quality has become the focus of contemporary pursuit and competition. Market competition is actually quality competition. The market is actually designed and planned by ourselves.

First, cultivate the awareness of employees' quality awareness. The so-called quality consciousness is the degree of recognition, importance and effect of quality. That is, the view and attitude of production and operation to improve product quality and related elements. High-quality employees can produce high-quality products. Therefore, the company must pay attention to the quality training of employees, and realize a human resources system in which everyone understands quality management knowledge, and key positions are supported by personnel with certificates. Quality consciousness can reflect the quality of a person. It is a potential of a company, as well as the result of national self-esteem and social responsibility.

Second, enterprise quality management should be innovative
The customer is the God of the enterprise, and the company must satisfy the customer's requirements. What do customers want? Customers want high-quality products, and they want fair, reliable and first-class service. Enterprises should "understand quality like customers" and establish a customer-centric quality system, and the system runs through the entire value chain.

Third, develop effective management measures
1. The most effective management is to seriously implement the specification requirements, implement the work, all processes and management work according to the technical specifications, and have mature experience and requirements in the specification.
2. Do a good job of changing the procedural documents, conduct a review of the program files in time, determine the plan, and submit it in the form of a file and implement it in a timely manner so as to reduce the quality problems that may arise due to the rush.
3. A timely on-site meeting will be held to promote the construction methods and management methods of good teams and teams so that all teams can learn common progress.
4. Concretize the provisions of the technical specifications to make it easier for workers to operate and self-check in the production process, so as to facilitate effective quality inspection during the production process of the special inspection personnel. The details of the work should be done well and meticulously, and product quality can be guaranteed and improved.
5, the sampling inspection of the production process should remain independent. Workers establish "self-examination, mutual inspection" habits, quality inspection personnel "special inspect" and make a good record.

Fourth, the work needed for continuous improvement
1, professional and technical personnel and management personnel must constantly update their knowledge and learn to grasp the multidimensional and dynamic quality standards that meet market requirements.
2. Internal support for quality management. Complete production facilities and inspection equipment; establish a comprehensive quality management system, carry out quality management work of “all-round, full-time, and full-process”, and use all the data to speak, and all work has rules to follow.
3, in-depth investigation and study of ISO quality management system, focus on the overall management of useful management indicators and tasks. Professionals should do quality management work, perform statistical analysis on various quality data every day, and conduct timely feedback, analysis, diagnosis, and treatment of any quality problems that arise, so that the quality fluctuations in the production process can be effectively and timely controlled.

Quality management is gradually established and standardized in the process of continuously solving problems.
Enterprises must strive for excellent quality control, adhering to the concept of “zero mistakes in quality management and zero defect in product quality”, creating quality brands, and avoiding after-sales service problems such as product quality complaints, thus standing up to the forefront of market competition and truly realizing the leap forward from "Made in China" to "China's quality"!