Yangzhou Joytoys Co., Ltd.

Factory Tour

Our factory owns a warehouse of raw materials, and special warehouse managers perform quality inspections on each batch of raw materials. Once fabrics or accessories are found to have quality problems, they will be prohibited from entering the warehouse, and the problem of product quality will eventually be eliminated due to raw materials from the source.  The main raw materials for plush toys include fabrics and fillers. Inspection of fabrics includes meters, grams, color, wool, etc. The filler PP cotton inspection includes fiber elasticity, chip rate, curling and so on. 

The cutting workshop consists of 2 laser cutting machines, which are operated by 2 skilled workers. From the scanning of the paper plate to the intensity of the laser light for different fabrics, they have a wealth of experience to ensure the accuracy of the product's layout. The cutting workshop is equipped with large air fans to ensure the health of the workers. 

We have 50 sets of high-speed computer-controlled sewing machines and adopt assembly line production methods. Each worker is responsible for the production of one process, which not only guarantees the quality of the products, but also ensures high efficiency of production. Each production line is equipped with a workshop director and is inspected at any time. The seam width, stitch density, and needle recovery are strictly controlled. 

There are about 20 skilled needles in the needlework shop. They are responsible for filling, sewing, assembly, etc. We have a high-speed filling machine that automatically controls the amount of cotton charged. We accurately weigh the weight of each product and ensure that the error is controlled within 1%. The workshop director is responsible for controlling stitch density and assembly fastness of the seams to ensure that each product's fastness meets the pull standards for EU and US toy testing. 

There is a high-precision metal detector in the packaging workshop. Each product must be metal-detected before entering the package. Products with metal fittings will be tested before the metal fittings are installed. It can ensure that no broken needles and harmful metal debris enter the product. The packaged product will be sampled by the quality inspection department, and an internal quality inspection report will be issued. Only products that have passed the quality inspection will enter the warehouse for shipment. 

The above is the production process flow of our factory.