Yangzhou Joytoys Co., Ltd.

About Us

Yangzhou Joytoys Co. , Ltd. was established in 2005, is located in the famous tourist city - Yangzhou, Jiangsu. Yangzhou is located in the central part of Jiangsu Province and is located in the economic belt of the Yangtze River Delta, adjacent to Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and other large-scale industrial clusters. The unique advantages of human resources and transportation resources make it an important production base for stuffed animal toys.

The factory specializes in all kinds of plush products, including stuffed animal toys, plush hats, animal pillow cushions, plush scarves, plush earmuffs and so on. The annual production of plush stuffed animal toys is about 1 million. The products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific region, with an annual production value of about 6 million US dollars.

Equipment Overview: Our factory has 40 high-speed electric sewing machines, 1 cotton filling machine, 2 laser cutting machines, 1 computerized embroidery machine, 1 high-sensitivity needle detector, as well as balers, blowing machines and other equipment.

General Staff: 80 production workers, 2 sample design staff, 4 quality management staff, 6 professional foreign trade teams, and 3 administrative staff.

Site Condition: A total of 1,000 square meters

We have professional proofing design personnel who can make the customer's design sketches into solid plush toys. The sample can generally be completed within one week. And it can be repeatedly modified according to customer requirements until satisfied. Customers can also copy and quote.

The factory attaches great importance to product quality, regarding product quality for the company's life. It has a perfect quality control system, strict quality management rules and regulations. Our factory has set up a quality inspection department to ensure that the quality of each product meets the requirements of customers.

The factory has a professional foreign trade export team with rich experience in foreign trade operations to ensure the establishment of a good relationship of trust with customers, and maintain full communication. This web page instant messaging software keeps working hours online and is ready to receive merchants from all over the world.

We welcome merchants from all over the world to cooperate with our factory for mutual benefit and win-win, and jointly create a better future.